2-Oct-14 Avalanche do Milly retires Wanaka Sun
30-Sep-14 Steak pie rewards retiring rescue dog Otago Daily Times 
5-Jun-14  Ready for ski season The News
20-Mar-14  Draw for the dogs Wanaka Sun
4-Oct-12  Visit from rocket  Wanaka Sun 
13-Sep-12  Dogs tested in the mountains  Otago Daily Times 
12-Sep-12  Cave man leaves his home  Otago Daily Times 
10-Sep-12   Avalanche helpers put rough paces  Southland Times 
18-Aug-12  Mock rescue by avalanche dog hangs on a toy rope  Otago Daily Times 
2-Aug-12  Heliski prize to fund new skidoo  Wanaka Sun 
28-Jun-12  Avalanche rescue dogs training to save lives  The News 
27-Jun-12  Av dog team at work on ski fields  Messenger 
14-Jun-12  Month in snow cave for a good cause   Southland Times 
14-Jun-12  LandSAR needs bush dog team   Wanaka Sun 
13-Jun-12  Up, up and away for avalanche teams  Otago Daily Times 
17-May-12  Community groups benefit  Wanaka Sun 
5-Apr-12  All going to the dogs  Wanaka Sun 
22-Mar-12  Money from old rope  Wanaka Sun 
8-Dec-11  Search dog ready to learn new tricks  Central Otago News 
8-Dec-11  New team member  Wanaka Sun 
4-Nov-11 Dog's death a warning Wanaka Sun
13-Oct-11  Charity day on snow  Wanaka Sun 
6-Oct-11  Avalanche dog retires to light duties  Central Otago News
1-Oct-11 D-fa advertisement Air New Zealnd in-flight magazine
4-Aug-11 On the Pulse Wanaka Sun
21-Jul-11 Life-saving canines Wanaka Sun
17-Apr-11  Gone to the dogs (TC pass raffle) Wanaka Sun
28-Oct-10 Wanakafest photo Em/Ang/Toby dogs Central Otago News
27-Oct-10 Wanakfest photo Em/Matt dogs Otago Daily Times
1-Oct-10 Matt/Blizz image NZSAR link newsletter
30-Aug-10  I see you Southland Times
17-Jul-10  Search dogs to the rescue Otago Daily Times

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